Monday, 9 September 2013

OPI Holiday 2013 I Snow You Love Me

So this is the last of the OPI 2013 Holiday Mariah Collection for you. When I picked up the other colours there was one that had not had it's stock take so the distributor kindly offered to post it to me, this is OPI I Snow You Love Me.

OPI I Snow You Love Me is described by OPI as 'just like I snow you love this disco light confetti', well that's not really a description but that's as close as I've found. Basically this is a round holographic glitter, it has a pattern on the glitter so it sort of reminds me of a snowflake. I wore it here over 2 coats of Visions of Love because I wanted you to see it against something dark so it would stand up. 

I wanted to love this glitter but I'm not sure. I found it really sparse and there was loads of clear base so when you try to put it on the nail you get a ton of base and not much glitter, that was my main problem. I also thought the base smelt quite strong, although for the sake of a pretty glitter I can cope with that. I tended to try and get the glitters on the neck of the bottle and then place them which worked better. It is a unique glitter in my vast collection and it is pretty and sparkly, I'm sure I'll give it another go with a different base.

The one thing I do want to point out is that the glitters are completely and utterly flat. I've been asked a few times if there is any curling and I can say there is none whatsoever, I think a lesson was learnt with When Monkeys Fly! In fact I took these pictures without any topcoat as I was in a rush, so that just shows you how flat they are.

In all I will definitely keep this one in my collection but it is probably my least favourite glitter from the collection.

I can't wait to wear this whole collection for real during the holidays! If you want to check out the other polishes from the collection you can see the liquid sands here, the glitters here and the reds here.

Which ones are on your list?



  1. on your pictures, it looks really pretty but as you said it's a bit sad there is too much base compared to the amount of glitters. But it's so unusual and pretty, I HAVE to get it lol

  2. I know I will get this one, but I think I'll wear it combined with smaller glitters. I'm not sure I like how it looks on its own.
    What I do in these cases of sparse glitter is apply it on a make up sponge (so the sponge absorbs the base) and then dab it on the nail ;)

  3. This is a really different shade, I love it, even tho has way to much base than glitters!


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