Sunday, 1 September 2013

OPI Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey Collection - Part 1 - Liquid Sands

Today I have a very exciting post for you.....

On Thursday I just happened to drop in at the UK OPI distributor, Lena White, in Watford Hertfordshire, on my way back from work. I actually wanted to have a look at the OPI San Francisco collection but what to my wandering eyes should appear???? The OPI Holiday 2013 Mariah Carey Collection!!

Now, I had seen the press release OPI had put out and although I really do love OPI I couldn't help feel a little cold and disappointed towards this collection. In real life it was totally the opposite, they enchanted me. I had told myself I didn't need any more liquid sands, boy was I wrong!

This collection features 12 glitters/cremes/shimmers and 6 liquid sands. The only one I didn't buy was the black liquid sands (Emotions) because I knew I really wouldn't wear that one.

I thought I'd show you the liquid sands first as these were the first of the collection I had tried. In true OPI liquid sands formula they are great to apply, wear like iron and aren't too bad to remove.

I photographed these in a light box first and then in natural light so you get a better idea of what they will look like. I tend to find they are much more sparkly in natural light.

All swatches were done with 2 coats of the liquid sands.

OPI Silent Stars Go By:
This blush of textured pink has parades of sparkle

 This was the first of the collection I tried and it really was pretty!

OPI Make Him Mine:
But make this textured glistening rose mine first!

 I absolutely loved this polish. The colour is just divine and I think would suit many skin tones, it was very flattering on me.

Baby Please Come Home:
Can't wait to see you in..... this textured and sparkling lilac

Probably the least flattering on my skin tone but very sparkly and I still liked it. It kind of reminded me of a foil but in liquid sands formula.

It's Frosty Outside:
This frosted silver is so icy it's hot

This one was really sparkly, initially I bought it with the intention of wearing it as a ring finger accent however it was so pretty as a full mani and will be gorgeous as a pedi colour. I wore 2 coats for this but could still see a tiny bit of VNL so when I wear it next I'll do 3 coats for complete opacity.

Kiss Me At Midnight:
It's time to fall in love with this frosted ice blue.

 This one reminded me of a liquid sands in Nails Inc Baker Street. In these pictures the polish wasn't completely dry (I got fed up waiting) and the texture hasn't fully developed yet, it will be even more awesome when it is totally dry.

All in all I really like this collection. I wasn't even going to get any more liquid sands but these convinced me. I think my favourite has to be Make Him Mine, it was just so flattering, but I really did love them all.

I'll be back tomorrow to post more of the OPI Holiday 2013 collection so keep an eye out!

Which is your favourite?


  1. the blue is a bit bright for me but I love all the others! expect I would love the black too :)

    1. I saw the black today, if you like black you will probably like it, it was a sparkly black. A weird choice for a Christmas collection IMO but I'll probably want it when I see someone wearing it! x

  2. Love the swatches, can't wait to see the rest of the collection! ^^

  3. Love Its Frosty Outside, I haven't been able to find a super silver textured polish and this may well be it. How exciting to get these so early!

    1. Frosty is really pretty! Initially i didn't buy it but then I just had to go back for it. I'm glad I did! x

  4. Loving Its Frosty Outside, really super and silvery

  5. I agree Kira. They are all pretty but Make Him Mine is my favorite too. I'll watch for these at the beauty supply.

    1. What can I say Sis, we have great taste! x

  6. WONDERING how if the blue is dupey of Mariah's first blue Get Your Number? also how would you compare Frosty to Solitaire?

    1. I just bought Solitaire today so I can compare for you. I'll be doing some swatching comparisons this weekend so keep a look out :-)

    2. Yeah I got Solitaire too, I would love to see a comparison!! :D


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