About Me

So, this is me!

I am a polish loving girl who lives in Hertfordshire in England.

I grew up between California and England and I always loved the American womens' long painted nails - I knew when I grew up I wanted to be like that!

As a teenager I started getting heavily into nails and I would watch QVC with my mum, we would order loads of stuff from Supernails, I had Nail Food And Drink (you remember that stuff?) and hundreds of Zoyas and OPIs. I had drawers full of stuff and I ended up throwing them all away when my parents moved back to the US. How I wish I'd kept them now....

So, as you can see I have always loved polish but I have only seriously got back into it in the last year when I was studying for my Masters degree - I found the polish facebook groups and that was it! Now I have a wide variety of tastes as you will see from my stash list. There are just so many pretty things out there!

I have had an absolute blast finding a new hobby and making new friends.

I decided to start this blog becuase I began to realise that I have got much better with my polishing and had started to try a few nail art techniques so I wanted to catalogue my improvement and also to have fun looking at my old mani's.

I do this blog for myself primarily. You won't necessarily see swatches as I tend to wear full mani's and then post them, you also won't see me posting every day because I have a job where I can't wear polish for some of the week, but what you will see is things I love and honest reviews of polishes. I hope to be an enabler and to show you some things you might not have seen before.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Happy painting!!


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