Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nails Inc Royal Mews, the holographic one....

So today I have a new holographic silver polish from Nails Inc. I got this polish as part of a 7 piece kit on QVC, it was their Today's Special Value (special deal of the day) and each polish worked out to be about £4 which I thought was pretty good value.

This one is called Royal Mews and I heard it will be released on it's own later in the year.

Basically it's a pretty subtle silver holographic polish.

This is 2 coats in some rare English winter sunlight. You can see some peach and pale green shining through.

In fact, I thought it looked better when the light is a bit lower as the colours come out a bit more:

But in my opinion it is best in bright artificial light:

Application was smooth and dry time decent. It took 3 thin coats to acheive opacity but I didn't get any bald spots like sometimes happens with holographic polishes. I did top this one with a topcoat and it made no difference to the holographic quality.

I think this is a nice introduction to holo's if you don't already have any, otherwise it's a nice work appropriate polish. I like my holo's a bit more in your face so after a day I topped mine with GOSH Holographic (which I will show you in another post). This made a good base and overall I think it's a nice addition to my stash.

Hope you enjoy :-)


  1. Ooohhh some good swatches! So glad you are blogging! X

  2. I was wondering what this one looked like on the nail. Nice but subtle. Nice to see you decided to blog too :D

  3. Ahh, thanks ladies. x I was really lucky to get a sneek peak of sun that day! I forgot to mention, this polish wore well too, I had it on for 3 days with minimal wear and a small chip on my thumb!

  4. I'm actually really digging the subtlety of the holo in this! Nice swatches =)


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