Sunday, 3 June 2012

Barielle Falling Star

Hope you are all having a nice Diamond Jubilee weekend. I'm relaxing today and finally have some time to update my stash and do a post (as you might see, I didn't wear this polish today - it is raining here and we certainly didn't have any sun!).

I have to say this polish wasn't on my wish list but I was lucky to come across it when I was looking for a polish for my Aussie swap buddy. I remember seeing it on a blog and thinking it was pretty then so I had to pick it up.

Basically this is a pretty mid tone blue creme with bronze glitter - I think it's unusual and the glitter does translate to the nail as you can see here:

This is 2 coats and a layer of Poshe topcoat.

Then I decided to practise some stamping  -  I think it actually turned out quite nice but in real life it wasn't quite as noticeable as in this picture.

I used OPI Take The Stage and one of my Cheeky plates which I set aside to take a picture of and now can't find!! I'll update when it appears. Take The Stage was a bit thin for stamping so I need to investigate a nice broze foil that will work well. Let me know if you have a suggestion??


  1. What a gorgeous polish! It looks great and your stamping is wonderful.

  2. Thanks Sara. It actually looks for impressive in the picture than it did in real life but I'm still learning, your nice comment make me want to keep at it!


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