Tuesday, 24 July 2012

piCture pOlish Denim

This is my very first piCture pOlish (although I also was happy to get Monroe at the same time!) and I was so lucky to get it from one of my awesome Australian polish friends as a gift.

This polish is a sort of cool toned blue with a hint of purple, a bit like a cornflower shade. I has a hint of shimmer and tiny flakies too. Very pretty indeed. I really liked this one and will definately wear it again.

This was 2 coats, the formula was great but I'm a bit of a slow polisher so I had to be a bit quicker with this one. It looked great with one layer of topcoat and wore really well in the 3 days I had it on. I even got a compliment from my boss on this one so it can't be bad!!


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