Monday, 17 September 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

I have been lemming RBL Scrangie for ages and I kept putting off buying it and putting off buying it and guess what happened??? You can't buy it anymore! Boo.

I was extremely lucky to be able to swap for it with one of my birthday group girls, really I just wanted it for the name and because I'm such a collector, but when I got it I realised it is one pretty polish. Also, how could you not love a polish created and named after the most famous nail blogger!!

Scrangie herself describes this polish as a medium blue-based purple with green iridescence and green microshimmer. It looks a bit more purple to me but hey who am I to say?!

I believe I used 3 coats of Scrangie for these photo's. The formula was great and I really enjoyed this polish. RBL's are a bit price I think and not easy to get in the UK so this is my only one so far, but boy am I happy to have it!

Can you see that green shimmer shining through??


  1. i don't get it - it looks GORGEOUS on you. Why does it look so wrong on me lol xx

  2. I want RBL that's a gorgeous color.

  3. Look at that shimmer, it's a really nice polish (and I love purple too)


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