Monday, 4 February 2013

Haul Post Alert - January

OK, so before you take a look at what's been arriving at my door I'm just going to say that these weren't all purchases! Ahem. Some were swaps that I was lucky enough to be able to arrange with some fab ladies in the UK. All the stress this month about UK shipping has had a lot of people worried. I don't know what is going to happen but I do hope that it brings the UK polish scene closer together.

Anyway, this haul is generally typical of my polish tastes, you might just notice that I've gone even more mad with a certain brand, umm, yes it was the same one that had me up at 3.50 am this morning for an insane restock.......

Anyway, here they are. I can't wait to wear all of them. I need more fingers.........

So this was a swap I did with an amazing UK lady. Look at these - straight from the Enchanted vault. I am still kicking myself for not picking up more when they used to sit on Llarowe. I used to look at them, meaning to buy them but never got around to it. Kick.

More Enchanted's. Look at those pretties. I actually had Magical Mystery Tour in the new bottle and my girl was good enough to swap it for the old bottle - all the rest of my Beetles are in the old bottle and I can't bear to have an odd one out. Yes, I'm weird.

Sooo pretty!

This is a mixture of swaps and purchase in one awesome picture. I am so excited by these I don't know which to wear first. Talk about Lemmings KILLED! 230 and Alexandrite in one photo, it should almost be illegal!

This was from the restock on New Years Day. When my order came I realised that I had messed up in my restock panic and got multiples of a few of these but no Freeze Machine (the one on the left). I was able to swap them for the older Enchanted's and pick up Freeze Machine at Mei Mei's. Crisis averted and a mistake that worked out well!

These were from the last restock at Harlow & Co. Boy was I lucky, I was out at a Christmas do with work and was able to snag all these on my phone and check out, even after drinking wine! Don't ask me how, lady luck was clearly on my side.

You might remember my Candeo Orchid post? Well they were good enough to send me a replacement and here it is. Along with a beautiful order of Wingdust.

If you haven't seen the packaging of the Wingdust polishes then you have missed out. They come in the cutest bags with gorgeous tissue paper and a pretty bracelet and candy. It felt like a swap rather than a purchase., I was very impressed. I'll show you when I wear them, they are all so beautiful too!

Gotta have some Hare's and Crow's Toes

This was the Nails Inc TSV from QVC. I got rid of the Feather Effects already as I didn't think I'd wear it again, the Leather and the blue on the right will also probably have the same fate.

I've seen these Glitzology polishes everywhere and needed some. They are really unusual polishes and I got them in a great sale. I'm saving Guardian Angel for either my Mum's birthday or Mothers day but watch out for the other two.

Jindies and quite new to me. I missed out on Electric Grape at the first restock so this was from my second order.  Can't wait to wear these.

I'd been eyeing these for ages, months in fact so I'm happy to finally have them in my stash. Can't wait to show you.

I do wish Jen would keep the bottles and labels the same though. It bothers my OCD! And how can you resist an I Love Nail Polish!

Because I needed Freeze Machine from Mei Mei's I had to get Cirque Fleur Est Belle which is a Mei Mei's exclusive. It's totally pretty. Didn't everyone get at least one A-England this month from the sale??

So, if there's anything you really want to see just let me know.

I'll be posting another haul later this month but this one will be my birthday month haul, it's totally fabulous and I can't wait to show you. Oh, and next month will be epic - I'm going to the USA...... That's all I'm saying.

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