Monday, 3 June 2013

Jindie Nails Electric Grape

Happy Monday my lovelies!

Today I have a beautiful polish to show you, one which has been sitting in it's file waiting to be posted for far too long. In fact, I bought my only Jindie's around Christmas and I absolutely loved them when I got them. I put them in their drawer and you know what it's like..... you mean to wear them but more nail mail arrives and you get caught up. In fact, by the time I wore this polish I didn't expect I would love it that much, boy was I wrong.

Jindie Nails Electric Grape is described as a neon purple jelly with an electric blue micro shimmer throughout. For this mani I used 3 coats and a layer of HK Girl topcoat. It was a little sheer and I still had a little bit of VNL but really it wasn't too bad. I could have layered it or used a 4th coat but I really liked it as it is.

This is one of those polishes that glows. It did get some tip wear within a day which didn't really bother me but if you wanted to keep it on for a while you might need to layer it.


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