Monday, 16 April 2012

A-England Princess Tears

Untried Month is here!

Ok so one of the lovely ladies in my birthday group, Helen at Nail Newbie, came up with the idea of an untired month - the idea being to help us all get through the huge mountain of untrieds we all have!

So, between the 14th April and 14th May I will only be wearing my untrieds. Now, I almost didn't join in on this because at my work for half the week I can't wear polish which makes me sad, but then again for 4 days a week I can so YAY!

The first untried I have is A-England Princess Tears which I received from my lovely birthday group friend Tracy. I was super excited to receive this as I have a few other A-Englands and their formula is just amazing.

Princess Tears is from the A-England Legend collection. This is the second collection that the lovely Adina has released and it is awesome. This polish is a liliac scattered holo and I think it has a bit of a dupchrome going on. In some lights the pink is more noticable, in others it's more grey. It's a beautiful polish and I liked it enough to wear it for 3 days!

For this mani I used my normal base of OPI Nail Envy Maintenence and because I had just buffed my nails in an attempt to de-stain them I also used a thicker protective base coat which was Leighton Denny Under Cover.

This was 2 easy coats of Princess Tears, it has the same beautiful formula as the other A-Englands and a topcoat of Poshe, which didn't appear to affect the holo at all.

These pictures were taken in the sunshine:

As we in the UK don't often get sunshine to show off our holo's I thought you might want to see it in the shade too:

And in artifical light:

This is what your bottle should look like:

A-Englands can be purchased from the A-England website where i believe they offer free worldwide shipping!

Please have a look at some other untrieds from my birthday group ladies - they do awesome swatches:

Helen at Nail Newbie
Alyssa C at Polish Junkie Ninja
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  1. This looks gorgeous on you, your nails are lovely :)

  2. It is a great color, I'm glad you love it! It looks great on you!

  3. Beautiful on you! and your nailsss wow they are so pretty! I want to join in I have so many untrieds too lol


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