Friday, 30 November 2012

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger

On to more Honeymoon mani's..... I need to find some time for daily posting to get these out of the way before I have to show you my Christmas polishes....... I will, I promise!

So, when planning my honeymoon nail wardrobe I thought I'd take a few of my 'special' polishes away, I mean really it was my honeymoon, doesn't get more special than that! Now when I say special I mean the really special ones that you tend not to ever wear for fear of running out! As part of those I picked out Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger.

To me Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger was one of those mythical polishes I didn't even dare put on my wishist becuase I knew I'd never own it so I didn't want to feel sad that it sat there on my wishlist with no chance of ever being ticked off. I haven't even seen any being sold or auctioned for quite a while so I just put it out of my mind. Then one day I was at work, quickly looked at my phone and a fellow polishaholic had put it up for swap. I can't tell you how quickly my fingers flew to message her.... I actually had something she wanted to swap for and the rest is history. I didn't even believe I'd get it until it was in my hands, I'd have been more than happy for a mini but this baby was full size!!!!!!! The polish Gods were shining on me that day.

Anyway, I've thought about posting this because I know some people don't like to see things they may never be able to get (personally I do and don't like to be teased - nothing is impossible right??), but I wanted to post it because it's part of my honeymoon and also just to say never give up hope. I swapped a Lynnderella (not even a LE one) for this and I added a whole bunch of other goodies in, not even at my swap partners request. We were both happy with our swap and got things we wanted. So..... you may just get very very lucky.

Anyway, on to the gloriousness that is Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger. This is what Dolly has to say herself about it:

 "Toxic Avenger" an 80's horror/hero cult classic. Poor nerdy Melvin, mutated after falling into a vat of nuclear waste, becomes the local mutant super hero. This amazing multi-chrome polish flashes from Grey, to Purple to Olive Green, with an intense Spectraflair pigment, most commonly known as holographic pigment which bursts into a rainbow of colors when the light catches it. Don't let this creepy little mutant scare you off. This color is one of the most unique and beautiful polishes I've made to date"

What do I say about it?? IT IS BEAUTIFUL and it's everything I hoped it would be.

For these pictures I wore it on it's own with 2 coats. Next time I'm layering it over black so i can preserve it. I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw my suitcase come round that carousel nd I knew my babies were safe..

Here it is in all it's holographic goodness:

It is even beautiful in the shade too:

Can you see the multi-chrome?

This was inside in the evening - this photo reminds me of that lovely time when you walk out for dinner into the warmth and are headed for nothing but relaxation, a pina colada, and some good food with great company.

In all it's splendour:

Pure perfection!



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