Friday, 3 August 2012

China Glaze Spin Me Round

Happy Friday!!! Let the weekend begin!

OK, so I need to start doing some more stamping and because I have nail polish freedom for the next little while and we've had some sun I thought I combine a holo and stamping.

China Glaze Spin Me Round is a beautiful subtle pale tan holographic polish from the Kaleidoscope collection which I sadly missed out on. I was lucky that my lovely birthday girl Nicole found some dusty hunting and let me buy them for cost price - how awesome is that! Thank you Nicole.

For this mani I used 2 coats of Spin Me Round and a topcoat, which didn't dull the holo effect. I then stamped over it using Konad special black polish and plate 85. I found some small black dots in my stash and then added one to each of my nails to finish it off.

I loved this mani, I hope you like it too.

You can see the holo effect quite well here, in real life it was even better, I just couldn't capture it with the camera!

Here it is plain, it's pretty isn't it!

And while I was taking my photos here was Miagi sunning himself! It was so funny, he was washing but everytime he moved he got covered in the plants above him - you can see them on his head. Bless!


  1. Spin Me Around is so gorgeous and the stamping design is cute.

  2. Miagi's adorable!! And so are your nails.


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