Friday, 24 August 2012

Julep Helena and OPI Black Spotted

Happy Friday everyone!

So I was lucky enough to get OPI Black Spotted from one of my birthday group girls who lived in France and raided Sephora for a bunch of us! In case you haven't heard Black Spotted is an OPI France exclusive and replaces the green shatter in the French Spiderman collection. It's a bit similar to a shatter but instead of shattering it gives a sort of oil on water effect which you will see below.

I wanted to put a bright base under it to make it pop so I chose Julep Helena which I was sent as part of an awesome swap. We don't get Julep here in the UK so this is only my 2nd one.

Helena is described as an ultra-saturated fuscia creme, I think that is a perfect description. For this mani I used 2 coats of Helena to get full opacity. I really loved this polish, not sure about the bottle being so tall as it would be easy to knock over but the formula was great!

And here it is with Spotted:

I need to practise with this. I saw on facebook that Spotted really only needs a very very thin coat, almost with the brush dry or otherwise it covers too much of the nail so that's what I did. In the main I got the effect but as you can see there are some drag marks so I do need to practise with this one. I'll be posting more mani's with this so keep an eye out.

This is Julep Helena on it's own:

I actually have 2 bottles of Spotted - the one I didn't get from my friend in France is on my swap page on this blog so if you are interested you are more than welcome to contact me.


  1. Helena is such a pretty color! I think you did a great job with the Spotted, too. It accentuates rather than takes over. ;)

    1. Thanks Liesl, I loved Helena, it's such a pretty colour :-) I think there's a learning curve with Spotted - I think I needed a bit more on my brush on some nails - I might try it over a nice duochrome next time.

  2. What a great combo! I haven't tried my Spotted out yet.

    1. Try it Sara, I want to see how it comes out over a bright holo - like a red or something. We don't get enough sunshine here for me to cover up a holo!!

  3. How do you get Julep in the UK please? I have been gagging for some of their nail varnishes for while now but I just can't figure out how to get them!


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