Thursday, 16 August 2012

Summer Sunset Gradient

Well, I've been a busy girl this week. I finaly realised that I have too many polishes! In fact I have way too many polishes....

Well over 700 to be precise. I don't state an exact number because anyone looking at this post will know that numbers of polishes is a fluid thing. I have some on the way and some I have taken out of my stash to swap or sell. So what is a girl to do? Well I've decided to have my first ever blog sale. It's actually quite a lot of work setting all this up but I thought August is a good quiet month for me to do it in, so take a look if you like.

Now, August is also the height of summer (yes, even in the UK apparently), so I though before the opportunity passes I better use some of those polishes I won't be using later in the year. I've also wanted to try a gradient for ages too.

I did this mani using this tutorial from Makeup Withdrawl which you can find here, however I found that the sponge made the polish very texturised on the nail, so half way though I decided to try the sponge a bit damp - this worked much better. This mani isn't perfect but it was my first try and whilst looking for the tutorial above I found a great one from The Beauty Department which I will use next time. You can see it here.

Isn't this summery (or depending on how you look at it a bit like Candy Corn!)

For this mani I used Nails Inc Peach Sorbet, Nails Inc Hobart Place and Nails Inc Mayfair Mews


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, glad you think they work well together!

  2. Looove these colours. They are perfect together!

  3. Cute! These three polishes go very well together :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer, they are good colours together - good old Nails Inc!

  4. Replies
    1. I can just imagine holding a cocktail while watching the sunset..... have to wait till my honeymoon now!

  5. So pretty Kira! Would look lovely with a shimmery topcoat too :)

  6. Lovely colours and a fab summer mani!

  7. A perfect summer mani!

  8. Makes me think of a Tequila Sunrise!

  9. These are great colours. Look like candy


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