Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nubar Peacock Feathers

Happy Weekend to you all!!

I've just been busy at the Enchanted Polish restock - man, I love that polish. Poor Chelsea had a huge oversell so although I'm elated to get what I want (hopefully) I do feel so sorry for the indie makers sometimes. How does one person keep up with the demand and expectation that they are faced with by relentless polish addicts? I don't know but I guess as customers we can only try to be understanding and supportive of our favourite brands.

Anyway, enough of the philosophical thinking and on to the polish.

Today I have a polish which lives in the halls of polish infamy, Nubar Peacock Feathers. Yes, I know you have heard of it. It's one of those polishes which was ahead of it's time in the polish world, it was ignored because it dared to be different and then we all woke up, wanted one and couldn't get our hands on it anymore because it was quickly discontinued due to problems obtaining the pigments.

I have been really very lucky in the polish community and I do have some absolutely awesome friends. I managed to get my hands on this polish through a lovely polish friend of mine who sold it to me for retail. I know, how amazing is that!!

So on to the polish. Nubar Peacock Feathers is a rich dark blue with tons of colour shifting. In most lights it is a sort of rich blue/purple but move your hands and you will see flashes of pink, green, and gold. Is it as amazing as it is hyped? I don't think so to be honest, if you are looking for the most colour shifting polishes on the market I'd try the HITS Mari Moon collection first or Enchanted Polish Beetles collection, however if you have been lemming this polish specifically as a collector you won't be disappointed I promise you.

I took these pictures in my light box and they really didn't show the amount of colour shifting this polish has so make sure you scroll down and see all the pictures.

This was taken outside, I found you get the most colour shifting in natural light

I still can't quite believe this beauty is in my stash!!


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