Monday, 8 April 2013

Wing Dust Ocean Tears

Happy Monday!!

Sorry I have been a bit quiet of late. I have just been enjoying doing things around my house, clearing out and planning a new bit to my kitchen. In the past I've felt like the nail groups and polish have been taking over my evenings a bit so I've tried to take a little step back and spend some more time with my husband, cooking and reading books. It's been really nice but I will be still be posting so don't worry, in fact I am going to do my nails after this with a new Enchanted, so keep your eye out for that!

Today I have a post which I should have posted a while ago. I was lucky enough to order several Wingdust polishes several months ago. They arrived in the most beautiful wrapping and bags with a little bracelet and some candy, it really was a treat to receive and felt more like a swap than a purchase.

One of the polishes I received in that package was Wingdust Ocean Tears. This polish is a blue jelly filled with a combination of blue, turquoise and aqua hex glitters with silver holo micro glitters throughout. In person this polish was much prettier than the pictures can show, I really enjoyed it.

For these swatches I used 3 thin coats of Ocean Tears and one coat of HK Girl to smooth everything out. The formula was easy to work with and I was really impressed with this brand, I will be buying more I'm sure.

You can buy from Wingdust directly at the Etsy store here or from Llarowe here.



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