Friday, 11 May 2012

Girly Bits Purple Potion

I have internet again. Yay!!!!! Which also means I need to catch up on my posts!!!!

I'm sitting here in my new house which I LOVE, in the peace and quiet with a cup of coffee with Almond Milk (first try today and it's yum), looking at swatches and working on my blog (finally), it's Friday afternoon and the sun is out. It can't get better than this!

Anyway, enough rambling. I am actually going to start with what I am wearing right now because I just love it so much and I'm pretty pleased with it.

So, I started out with GOSH Deep Purple which is exactly that, a deep purple creme, just one coat. Then came a polish I have had for ages and wanted to try out but for some reason didn't get around to it, Girly Bits Purple Potion.

Now I must saw I love Girly Bits and the creator Pam is just so lovely that it makes me love the brand even more! I have several other Girly Bits polishes that I love and will post them later. I used 2 coats of Purple Potion but I really didn't need to as one gave the same effect. Then I did some stamping.....

Now I'm a novice at stamping so I was pretty pleased with this effort. Have a look:

For the stamping I used Butter London Fairy Lights and Bundle Monster plate 224. Fairly Lights was a limited edition rose pink foil which they brough out for Christmas 2011. In my opinion don't be sad if you missed it. I have previously worn it for a mani and it was a big fail - very streaky, brushmarks and not that pretty on me, I ended up layering a glitter over it which worked well. In fact I was going to put it in my swap pile but actually it's quite nice for stamping so I think I may as well keep it (and the bottles are so cute they are hard to get rid of!). I might try it again one day and let you know how I get on.

OK, so I know this stamping is not perfect but this is the first time I have used a design which goes across my whole nail. I've been practising and as my nails are quite curvy I found that some of the design wouldn't take at some of the edges but today this turned ot fine. I think next time I would either keep the design the same over all the nails or I would position it differently on all the nails (rather than the same design on the index and middle finger and different ones on the other two). To be honest I hadn't even thought about that at all so it's a learning curve for me (which is one of the reasons I thought I'd do this blog), hopefully this time next year this will be a synch for me....

Anyway, it wouldn't be fair not to show you some of Girly Bits Purple Passion on it's own. This polish has a sheer purple base packed full of multi coloured and holographic micro-glitter. It's very pretty. It actually dries very smooth for a glitter and I only used one layer of NYC topcoat.

I've been wearing it for 2 days so far and it has no real tipwear and was easy to work with too.

This is so sparkly in real life, it's beautiful. In case you are interested (and to jog my memory) here is what I used:

Any pointers on stamping more than welcome....

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  1. Gorgeous! This is such a lovely mani!

    1. Thanks Janelle. I need to keep practising but I'll get there. I just got my DRK A plate today so a perfect excuse.....

  2. Beautiful! I have the same stamping set but have yet to try this plate. I love your creativity

    1. Aww, thanks Karine. I don't feel very creative at all sometimes but this did turn out pretty. Thank goodness for blogs and our fb groups!

  3. Wow this is gorgeous!! I love it with the stamping.

  4. Well Pam. How couldn't it be gorgeous?? It's one of your polishes!!! Looking forward to the new collections. x


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