Thursday, 3 May 2012

Barry M Magnetics

Finally I moved house last Saturday (yay!) but we still don't have internet and I broke and chipped a couple of nails too :-( Not really too heavy a price to pay but I thought I better quickly try and post these while I can......

So, I was browsing in Superdrug and came across these new magnetic polishes by Barry M. I was able to pick up the red, grey and blue but the final one proved to be elusive until the other day, but oh it was worth the wait!

Although I think magnetics are a bit like shatters, I like them better on other people, I just had to have these because the cool thing is that each polish has a different shaped magnet (which you can see here):

So let's get to the swatching:

I decided to use each magnet on each colour to see which magnets work best so here goes, this is Magnetic Burgundy:

One coat unmagnetised:

Magnetic Blue:

One coat unmagnetised:

Magnetic Dark Silver:

One coat unmagnetised:

Magnetised Lilac:

One coat unmagnetised:

Here's the names:

I really liked the formulas of these, they were easy to apply and best yet the magnets work well on my nails, I tried Nails Inc magnetics before and it seems my nails are too curved to get a good pattern.

I personally think Magnetic Violet is the best and I Just love the colour. What do you think??

Have a look at the other untrieds my birthday girls have been using:

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Debbie. I love your blog btw - you have me in stitches!!!!!

  2. I love the cross pattern on the blue and purple, looks amazing!!! I'm the same as you, I like magnetics but don't wear them myself, but these are so pretty xx

    1. Hi Lisa, So glad you like them. The blue is my favourite magnet and the lilac was the best colour!

  3. Thanks for swatching! I can get one (the perils of a no-buy...) and couldn't decide which so I was hoping someone would do them all! Still torn between the blue, violet and burgundy though...oops!


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