Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My Brazilian Swap..... Eeeek!

Warning: this post is going to make you very jealous!!

These beauties arrived about a month ago from my lovely polish swap friend Tami in Brazil. I moved house a couple of days later so didn't get the chance to take any decent pictures, also it has been raining for almost the whole of the last month too but today the sun came out so I thought I better take some pictures quick.

Prepare to drool.........

She sent me some gorgeous handcream and at first I didn't know what the Extra Brilho bottle were, I thought maybe nail whitening products but Tami informed me that they are a great Brazilian topcoat! I haven't tried it yet because everything has been packed away safely till this week but I can't wait, maybe this could be my perfect topcoat......... I'm still searching.

Some beautiful Tami Frankens:

Jade holo's:

Finaflor polishes:

HITS Mari Moon: Chameleon (here), Artsy, Unconventional (here), Daring, Dreamer, Cool,Cutie Pie, Trendy

HITS Lindinha, Girl Power, Elemento

HITS 365 Garage, 366 Glitter Forte

HITS Perolado, Pedra Do Sol

HITS Hermes, Hefesto

HITS Artemis, Posseidon, Hestia, Afrodite, Demeter, Atena, Ares, Hera, Apolo, Dionisio, Zeus

She even sent me a beautiful little bag and some lovely hairclips:

And it was even all sent in a cute little box. What an awesome swap!

I did promise that sometimes this blog would feature my furbaby, Miagi. Well, as we've just moved he has to stay indoors for a little while. As it was such a beautiful day I did let him out and as I was taking these photographs he tried to escape over the fence. He let me drag him back but it was so funny! Here he is looking very angelic and enjoying the weather!

Thank you Tami for this AMAZING swap. I love them all. xx


  1. I have just discovered your blog and I am having a lot of fun reading your entries, I will definitely follow you now, I love your manis. And all those pretties look amazing, I need to get some Hits soon!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, so glad you like it. You certainly NEED some HITS in your life!

  2. wow this is epic lol we have the same taste in np

    1. It is epic! I love these Brazilian swaps!! Karine, we have great taste. ha ha!

  3. This is so amazing!! wow!!!


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