Wednesday, 23 May 2012

HITS Mari Moon Unconventional

Following on from my amazing swap post yesterday I just had to post these pictures for you to see. I wore this polish a few weeks ago before I moved house, and then promptly badly broke my middle nail while moving something out from under the bed :-( Anyway, it's growing back now and I had already taken these pictures thankfully.

So on to the polish. The HITS Mari Moon polishes are absolutely stunning multi-chrome polishes. Unconventional seems to shift from a plum purple to a glittery berry red. I absolutely adored wearing this one and will definitely be wearing it again. This is what I would describe as one classy polish!

This was 3 coats.

Can you even believe this is the same polish??

The only drawback is that the bottles are TINY at only 6ml each. I think I'm going to need a back up...... of all of them!!

If you don't have an amazing Brazilian swap buddy you can pick these up from LLarowe and from Ninja Polish.


  1. Beautiful I love this one too one of my fav

  2. ugh, STUNNING photos!! i'll be scavenging through my untrieds pile now looking for this one! Awesome xx

    1. Thanks Debbie, yes you definitely do need to use this, I really enjoyed wearing it!


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