Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Candeo Colors Orchid.... or is it?

First off, I'm an idiot! I was wondering why I never get any comments on my posts anymore and wondering if it was because I changed the settings due to spam.... um no, I have been getting comments (thank you!), I just didn't know it. My e-mail address was missing a letter and so they didn't get forwarded to me and when I logged on tonight there were 16 comments waiting for me. Thank you everyone, you have made my night!

Anyway, on to the polish......

I'm posting today something that I consider a huge fail and I hate to say that it involves Candeo Colors Orchid.

Do you remember that amazing swatch that Christina from Let Them Have Polish posted about Candeo Colors Orchid and Dolce? If not then it's here. From the second I saw it I fell in love and had to have both of them. Well, you remember they would sell out in like 3 seconds... but eventually I did snag Orchid. It sat in my Alex, untried, for about 6 months and the other day I thought I'd start getting through these untried, what was top of my list? Candeo Colors Orchid.

It has jelly, it has shimmer, glitter and pink. What more could a girl ask for?!

And then..... and epic disappointment:

These swatches were done using 2 coats of Leighton Denny Spoil Me which is a pink shimmer polish and 2 coats of Candeo Colors Orchid.
Where is the jelly I hear you say! Where is the shimmer??........ I don't know. I blamed myself. I chose the wrong undies and I hated this mani.
So, I woke up the next day with an epiphany - it needed a darker jelly base. OPI Houston We Have a Purple. So I re-did this mani and got this:
I think it may have actually made me feel worse. OK, it's pretty and you can see the copper hex's more but still. Fail. I think I just got a dud. The jelly base is really weak and there is absolutely no shimmer. Really, it's like a glitter topper. I'm sad. I think the base is more pink than fuscia also. Have a look:
I have seen a gorgeous swatch recently of a 2 month old bottle which has the fuscia jelly base and the shimmer so I think I'm just going to re-buy it. What do you think? Would you??


  1. I like both of the looks you got with it! I can definitely see the difference, though--the jelly in Orchid is just not showing the same. Maybe before you reorder you could email Candeo/Larrowe and ask if the formula has changed? Like I said, I think it looks very cool here, but it's definitely different.

    Glad you got your comments/email sorted! ^_^

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, I'm glad I got the comments sorted too! lol.

      I did take your suggestion and e-mail Candeo about it today.... I'll let you know.....

  2. Your Orchid looks completely different compared to LTHP's swatches. Dunno what happend. Maybe the pink glitter bleeded? Because yours seems to have more silver holographic glitter? LTHP's version has more fuchsia hex glitters.
    I experienced color changings/glitter bleeding every now and then in my indie stash (I own about 100 of them).
    I would contact the seller if she is so kind to send you a new bottle and then compare.

    1. Tnaks Ivana, at first I thought I was going mad but it's good to hear other people say they can see the difference too. Perhaps the fuscia glitter did bleed??

      I hadn't really thought of contacting Candeo because I bought it about 6 months ago but from your suggestion I thought I may as well. I've sent them some pics so I'll let you know what I hear back. Thanks so much!

  3. i can swatch mine soon and see how it compares on the nail. i've had my bottle for like 6 months, just haven't worn it yet. i do like how your manicures turned out though :)

  4. i have this one sitting out to be swatched. i can do that soon. my nails are nubs at the moment though. they got a good chop the other night after my thumbnail cracked.

    i can get a blog post up this week of it for sure. mine looks like it's more jelly-like than your pics.

    1. I hope you have a good one, I'd like to see it. I did contact Candeo and they are sending me another bottle so hopefully it'll be here this week....


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