Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dollish Polish You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out, Kid

Well, this week in most parts of the UK we've had a ton of snow, it's so cold here right now but oh so pretty and I just love it!

So do you remember the mad rush before Christmas to your your hands on a bottle of the new Dollish Polish You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out, Kid?? It was from the Christmas Story 2012 collection and sold out in a matter of seconds at each restock. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle and I was super excited. I knew before it arrived that I would use it when we had snow so here it is!

For this mani I used 2 coats of Barry M Blueberry from their Gelly range, which if you don't already know is FAB! I then used a coat of Dollish Polish You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out, Kid. This polish is more complex than I gave it credit for because as as well as having snowflakes in it it also has a lot of irridescent glitters. These glitters really glow and sparkle. A topcoat of HK Girl finished off this mani.

I absolutely adore this mani, yes, the snowflakes were not easy to fish out but I did manage to get 5, I think turning the bottle up upside down helped. The only other thing that bothered me a little is the really tiny glitters you can see. They kind of remind me of bubbles from topcoat but they aren't, although I did have some bubbling from where I put lots of topcoat around the snowflkes, I don't know if those little glitters show up more because of the base I tried or if I've just been staring at them too much! Anyway this mani is so sparkly and pretty, just the thing for this time of year.

And on to the swatches.......

 And look who I found yesterday when walking back from the station.... two little snowmen. How cute! 
I thought for sure I would end up swapping or selling this polish but I really love it and I think the undie choice is perfect. I'll certainly be wearing this again, I'd love to know what it looks like over a pale pink.......


  1. I really love the big big snowflakes and the undies you chose! Looks good :)

    1. Thanks Epic. If you don't have any Barry M Gelly's - you need them!!


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