Monday, 28 January 2013

Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil - 3 Day Challenge

So today I have something a bit different to show you. It's not a swatch but it's a nail care oil called Pure Nail and Cuticle Oil made by Ana at Simple Nail Art Tips. If you haven't heard of it she has been calling for people to do a 3 day 'Let's Get Naked' Challenge. This challenge basically involves 3 days with naked nails and following Ana's initial hydration process with her Pure oil.

I first came across this page and product from a blogger friend who is participating in the challenge. I read her post and the link to the Simple Nail Art Tips site and I was amazed. You can check out the site here at: and on facebook here. The article gives a lot of really useful information and demonstrates Ana's personal experience of her product. The results she has had look great and as she was having a sale I had to try it.

The concept is basically that for the first 3 days of this treatment you must have bare nails and apply the oil frequently throughout the day, reapplying when it has been absorbed into the nail. After these 3 days you can go back to wearing polish and using the oil a few times a day. Please read the link above for a full explanation, it'll have you reaching for the cuticle oil I can tell you that!

One thing I absolutely loved about this company is that Ana gives out her recipe for the oil on the site. She is so confident in the product and that you will love the convenience and the essential oils she adds to her blend that you will like to buy from her, and if you can't afford to you can try and pick up the ingredients to blend at home. In fact, that was probably one of the reasons I decided to purchase the oil to try myself.

The oil is mixed in small batches and contains only Jojoba oil, Grape Seed oil, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and essential oil blend and Tea Tree oil. It smells divine and is quite subtle, certainly not overpowering.

So, here I am with the 3 day naked challenge. All polish came off last night and I took photo's of my bare nails. Now, when you look at these they will certainly not be the best or the worst. I have always had really dry hands and my job means that I can wash my hands or use alcohol gel upwards of 20 to 40 times a day, because of this I am really careful to try and moisturise and use cuticle oils and creams. Although I do that I still get dry cuticles and skin, and my nails can be quite brittle. I have taken quite close up photos of my fingers and the problem areas to point out the bits I am hoping to 'fix' with this oil.

I purchased an introductory pack and received a 15ml (0.5fl oz) of Pure oil, a 2 ml Pure oil pen, a few samples of other scents and an instruction leaflet. It arrived speedily to my door from the US to the UK within a week!

So here's what I got in the introductory pack:

Here are the directions:

And here are my nails:
This is the left hand - OK they are not in too bad a state but the could be better. You can see the dry skin, particularly flaking on the inside of the index finger.

Also can you see that line on the outside of the index finger nail on the corner? That is a split in the nail which I have patched and glued. This particular nail on both hands really curves inwards, which I hate. They commonly break here too as evidence in the photo. I wonder if using an oil over the long term wil help?

This is the index finger of my left hand above - dryness and flaking at the cutcile and side wall. It was also inflammed and itchy when I woke up this morning.

My right hand: again some dryness at the cuticles and on the sidewall of some nails

This is my middle fingernail on the right hand above. See that split so low down - ouch! I really do believe these are caused by dryness and brittleness of the nail. I get them quite a bit.

I find that of all my fingers my right thumb nail cutcile grows the fastest, because of this I push it back more than the other nails and it often gets thicker and dry as you can see below.

So that's day 1 of my Pure Oil challenge. I will be using it as directed and taking pictures to update you. I think I may keep the results a surprise until the end of the 3 days - so that's Wednesday. Wish me luck!


  1. I hope your results are as good as mine!

    1. Aww, thanks. I did get awesome results.Tjis stuff really works!

  2. Holy smokes Girl! You have an awesome macro lens! These are fabulous photos and I can't wait to see your afters!

    The hardest thing for you during the Hydration Treatment is to not wash off the oil with your job. Try to wear gloves as much as possible. Huggs ~Ana

    1. Thanks Ana. It's just a compact camera but I love it.

      I did find it a problem with my job but even that considering I stil had amazing results!! I'm doing another 3 days this week (dictated by work but I'll take advantage). Loving this oil. I can't wait to review things in a month.

  3. I'm trying the Naked Challenge too!! My nails as well weren't at their best or worst when I started but I can already see a major difference in my dry peely skin. It works much better than the last oil I was using for sure. Did you smell the samplers yet? Winter is my favourite!

    1. Epic, what's your blog? I want to see! Winter is my favourite too!


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