Wednesday, 9 January 2013

KBShimmer Snow Way

Happy Hump Day! Is it just me or is the week going by fast??

Today I have a mani from just before Christmas when I had broken my middle nail and had to nub them all down. I also got my new lights and light box so was just starting to play around and these were the first photo's I took. They sat in the album because I was to lazy to edit them but here they are now.

KBShimmer is a brand I hadn't tried yet, that was until their Christmas collection came out, and gorgeous it was! In fact I think it was the best Christmas collection out there.

This mani was done 3 coats of KBShimmer Snow Way. You can see Snow Way has a sky blue base with various sized white glitters. It also has tiny iridescent glitters which remind me of that sparkle you get with newly fallen snow. I couldn't get those iridescent glitters to show on the nail which really was a shame but as you can see from the bottle shot below, there certainly were there!

This polish applied a bit thick for me, I did like it but as my nails were shorter I think it kinda gave them a lumpy look. I probably should have waited with this one till they were a bit longer. Oh well, it's still pretty.....

Look at that shimmer!


  1. Totally beautiful!! This would look fabulously in-season all the way from winter through to summer. Love it! :D

    1. I agree, it's an anytime kind of colour. I want to wear it again now my nails are longer!

  2. Hi Sis, I'm so proud of you!! This is a great example of the beautiful work you do.

    Keep posting,


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