Friday, 11 January 2013

Well Nails The North Pole Is A Real Place

Have you heard of Well Nails? They are an amazing indie brand from Denmark. I was lucky enough to win a Well Nails giveaway just before Christmas and I was able to pick one of their polishes, I chose The North Pole Is A Real Place.

The North Pole Is A Real Place is a glow in the dark polish with a milky white base filled with white square and hex glitters and a micro iridescent glitter.

I have seen swatches of this polish over white however I wanted a creamy yellow base. Unfortunately I don't own exactly what I was looking for so I chose China Glaze GR8 which I thought might give a similar effect.

For this mani I used 2 coats of GR8 and 2 coats of The North Pole Is A Real Place. Both polishes were easy to apply and a 2 layers of HK Girl smoothed everything out.

In the day this mani was pretty, however turn the lights off and wow! This polish literally lit up anything near it. I had to hide my hands under the covers so I could sleep! It was really fun and I will definately use it again.

Well Nails make some beautiful polishes which you can see here.

Look at this! I had 'charged' the polish by holding it under the light for about 15 seconds here. WOW! 
This was it before I charged it, really charging wasn't necessary.

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