Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I ♥ NP Ginger Spice Latte

Have you heard of I ♥ Nail Polish? Well, if you haven't it's a shop on Etsy which you can find here. What an amazing name for a shop, hard not to love isn't it?!

I recently got to try my first I ♥ Nail Polish and I have to say I'm impressed! Apart from needing it for the name alone just look at that cute bottle. I chose a glitter polish called Ginger Spice Latte which is a limited edition and described as a combination of copper, gold and carmel glitter. I think that is a very accurate description personally and it's such a warm and pretty polish I feel like I should have a ginger spice latte in my hand to go with it.

For this mani I wore a base of Enchanted Polish Vampire's Dessert, this is a holo but for these pictures I didn't want to capture that, I wanted the glitter to have an opportunity to shine. I've been wanting to try a reverse gradient for a while now and this glitter is fine enough to do that so this was a good opportunity. The formula on this polish was good and next time I am going to enjoy wearing it over the whole nail, I think it would look great over most colours and it is very versatile.

There are several things I really like about this indie brand, firstly the packaging - scroll down and see the cute boxes and bottle, also the very reasonable shipping. Being in the UK it's quite normal to pay $7.50 to $10 for the first bottle to be shipped but I ♥ NP charges $5.50 - I really appreciate that.

I'll certainly be buying more of these. What do you think? Have you tried this brand?

Look how cute!!


  1. Very pretty combo, love that macro shot! :)

    1. Thanks Polish Me Up. It kinda shows the holo of the undie - which I will post very soon!


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