Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ninja Polish Girly Floam

It's midweek finally, my most tired day of the week and as I'm still naked (see Monday's post!) I thought I would show you something fun that I wore a few weeks ago. I'll be posting my results for the naked challenge tomorrow so you can see for yourselves.

During this bleak midwinter I wanted to wear something girly and fun and as this has been sitting in my untrieds for a few months out it came. Ninja Polish Girly Floam is a matte pink and purple fine glitter in a clear base. For this mani I used it alone and it took 3 coats to reach full opacity.

As everyone who has worn Floam knows, it is one hard polish to remove so I thought there would be no better time to try the PVA basecoat method we've all been hearing about. I've been a bit wary of this method just because I don't really like the thought but then again the thought of removing Flaom was enough to push me into it!

The PVA basecoat method was reasonably straightforward but the only thing that puts me off using it again is that I was tempted to pick at it most of the time it was on my nails and I'm not even a picker! It was particularly soft after a shower so that would be a good time to take then off if you have more willpower than I do.

Anyway, on to the swatches:


Look at that shimmer!

 Now, before I took off this mani I had a little practice at stamping, I still need lots more but here are some of the nails I was able to peel off when I wanted to remove the mani. Really it was easy but I will probably be reserving this method for really hard to remove polish. These look a bit creepy don't they??!!

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