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My Top 10 Indies of 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

I had planned to post this yesterday but didn't get around to finishing it. I just enjoyed the day with my husband at home, we watched the darts final (a hangup from my childhood) and had a nice dinner, oh and I stalked the Enchanted Polish restock!

Well, 2012 was the year of the indie wasn't it! This time last year I think I only owned a few beloved Girly Bits and that was my first dabble into the market. Oh how I love them.

I think I first became aware of indie polishes through Pam's Girly Bits as it was known then. I did a swap with Pam and managed to get some of her creations. After that it was probably the Lynnderella obsession which started me stalking Llarowe at all times of the day and night. Then they all just got so impossible to get. Remember the great base shortage of 2012? Every Etsy shop was empty or selling out in record time. I seem to remember Dollish Polish and Pretty and Polished being the dominating characters here.

I think I was a little late to catch on to Etsy and the new indie makers out there and it was probably only half way through the year that I started to open my eyes, mind you after that there was no looking back...... Over the year I have tried a few brands and at the moment I have stuck on my favourites list, Lynnderella, Girly Bits, Enchanted Polish, Hare Polish, and Crows Toes and after the holiday collection, KBShimmer becoming a new favourite.

In 2013 I can see Jindie Nails sneaking in there as well as a few others I am trying.

Of course I love indies becuause they are just so beautiful and they push the boundaries but part of the enjoyment for me is that personal touch that the creator has put into their business and that is one of the reasons I have come to love shopping on Etsy. Another part of it is the excitement and rush to get something that may be difficult to obtain and coveted by many and this I will address in another post tomorrow because for me at the moment, although this is fun it's sucking me into the polish world more and more and I realised yesterday that I need to be a bit more objective with my purchases. Anyway......

Here, in no particular order, just becuase I couldn't choose a rank order of favourites here they are:

If you click on the picture it wil take you to my original post.

Enchanted Polish Octopus's Garden

This was my first Enchanted Polish purchase from Llarowe, I remember being able to just go on her site and order it, now they sell out in less than a minute, literally if you blink whilst pressing F5 you miss out. When I saw a swatch of this I was just blown away. I mean really? Holographic, pink, blue, purple..... how can that even happen in one polish?? But it did and oh my, it's beautiful.

Hare Polish Dogs Day Dream

I admit to being very late to getting into Hare Polish. I received Supernova Springs in a Llarowe scratch and dent mystery bag and I thought 'why not try another?' so on a whim, actually in two minds I picked this one up. Oh my, I could not stop staring at my nails. The way those glitters sparkled had me hooked. Since then I have added a lot more to my collection and hopefully will continue to do so in 2013.

Girly Bits Howl at the Moon

I have always loved Girly Bits. Their creator Pam is just a wonderful person and she just makes the most beautiful polishes. It's a really nice brand to start out with of you are new to indies. All of her formulas are amazing, they are never thick or difficult to apply and they are all beautiful. I wore Howl at the Moon to my hen do, it was perfect.

Crows Toes Cheshire

This polish is the reason I got hooked on Crows Toes. I saw someone post a picture of a mani she did with it and I was blown away. Immediately I had to search for it but unfortunately it was retired. I paid $20 for mine and within a week it was back in stock. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. It really is stunning and actually does remind me of the Cheshire Cat!

KBShimmer Candy Cane Crush

I am a newbie to KBShimmer. I first noticed it when I saw swatches of Don't Teal Anyone and I became desperate to have it (I still don't!). I managed to snag 6 of the holiday 2012 collection and fell in love. I am sure I will be purchasing more. I put Candy Cane Crush in here because although it is not completely unique I love it and it's the first scented polish I have tried, and it was yummy!

Lynnderella Love Lace and Lilics

I am fortunate to have quite a few Lynns and they are some of my most prized polishes. Pictures can never do them justice, in the bottle they are like ornaments to be appreciated. In fact Love, Lace and Lilics is not my favourite Lynn, but I did wear it for my wedding and it was perfect as I wanted something subtle, pretty an something which would remind me of my love of polish and the polish 'fashion' at the time I got married, see those little bar glitters, they do that for me. Since Snow Angel there has been a ton of white glitters released and I think that polish had a lot to do with it.

Enchanted Polish Austin Powers

Yes, another Enchanted. I had this sitting in my drawer for probably 6 months without using it. I used it for nail art but never as a full polish, until a few weeks ago, and WOW! I did not expect it to be so beautiful, I think this polish is very unusual, you can see the holoness it has in the light, but out of bright light it has a tiny red microshimmer running through it. I don't know how she does it but she does!

Ninja Polish Floam

Well again, this isn't a polish that I absolutely adore BUT it was one I had seriously been lemming and would sell out in a minute. I think this polish changed the polish world this year. I mean would we have thought a polish could make us all want matte glitters - ones that don't shine? But we do and now there are lots of different kind of Floams and more promised this year.

Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger

I actually feel bad for putting this one in here but it is so beautiful that it really was one of my favourites of the year. A beautiful multichrome holographic - I really am lucky to own this and I am such a sucker for these types of polishes. Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger is discontinued and very hard to come by but if you want something similar then Darling Diva Space Beetle layered over black may quench your thrist.

A England Avalon

Look how this one glows. Really, I just love glowing polishes. It also somehow has tiny blue and red microshimmers too. A England had a great year this year and they deserved it. The have wonderful formulas and beautiful polishes. I certainly see more in my future!

So, in a year from now I wonder what I will be posting or how I will feel about these ones I have chosen? It'll be interesting to see. I really wish you all happiness and health for 2013!

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