Thursday, 17 January 2013

Enchanted Polish Witchful Thinking

First off, this is a bit like torture because I don't actually own this polish! My awesome friend let me borrow it becuase she said it was so pretty I had to try it. I am posting this to celebrate the arrival of a package from Enchanted... so I might have something new to show ou tomorrow......

Now when I saw the bottle I wasn't really that impressed. It was pretty but it didn't knock me over if you know what I mean. I absolutely adore Enchanted Polish, and I missed out on the Halloween collection because I was getting married and on honeymoon (I guess it was worth it!). Well, when I put it on the nail, what a different story.

I would describe Enchanted Polish Witchful Thinking as a mix of pink and copper glitters in a clear base with a green holo micro-glitter, it really is pretty.

I wanted to use a dark base and I wanted something to show off the green micro-glitter in the polish so I chose OPI Live and Let Die from the Bond Collection. This was 2 coats and 2 coats of Enchanted Polish Witchful Thinking.

These pictures were taken before I got my lights and lightbox, I had to stand in the freezing cold in Costco car park with people staring at me! Hence they are not the best of photo's. I have been searching for someone to sell this polish to me and I might have got a lead, fingers crossed..... If I do then I'll re-swatch it and do it justice. In the meantime, it is still really pretty, despite my lack of skills.

See that gorgeous green holo microglitter. Beautiful! 


  1. i love the whole falloween collection. this is one of my top 2 favorites, the other being beetle juice. this looks gorgeous on ya. here's hoping you can get your own bottle :)

  2. Oh Dawn, I so want the Falloween Collection, I'm so sad to have missed out. I'm getting Pumpkin Gutz and I just got Practice Safe Hex in the mail today (gorgeous) but totally keeping my eye out. I've missed a few by minutes and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this Witchful Thinking still......... She does make some beautiful polishes!


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