Monday, 31 December 2012

My Top 10 Mainstream Polishes of 2012!

Yes, it's the end of the year again. Why is it that as you get older the years just seem to go quicker!

So this year has been eventful for me in many ways, I got engaged, bought a house and got married! Nail wise I started a blog and got completely even more polish obsessive. I got into indies and increased my stash of HTF's.

So, I have been loving seeing everyone's posts about their yearly round-ups so I thought I'd do my own. This post is the first of two, today it's my pick of the best polishes from the mainstream brands this year. When I say this year I mean ones I have worn this year. I realise that these many not all have been released this year but they were new to me so here we go.....

In no particular order:

Deborah Lippman Across the Universe

Love this. I wore it when I went to try wedding dresses on and the girl in the shop was more interested in my polish than selling me a dress! I know there are several dupes but I love the Deborah Lippman bottle. This polish just makes me stare at it!

Nails Inc Baker Street

This was a 2012 release, in fact it was the polish Beyonce chose to wear after the birth of her baby Blue Ivy. It is bright and super gorgeous - I have worn it several times already!

OPI Goldeneye

I must confess, I bought a back up of this polish. It is beautiful and very unique in my huge collection. It is perfect for gradients like this and although I am yet to wear it on it's own, I know it will look beautiful.

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Supremo

I know this may seem like a slightly odd choice and I think it is older than 2012 but it is stunning. I took it on holiday to my friends wedding in Cyprus where I converted her sister into being a polosh obsessive, so now I have a real life polish friend. Can't be too bad eh?! I have OPI DS Original which is supposedly the same, I need to wear that one soon to compare.

NOPI A Million Sparkles

Again, a slightly left of field choice. This was my first foray into the world of bar glitter and I actually liked this a lot. It is super sparkly and I think it is unusual. I want to wear it over pink next time. This also reminds my of our trip to Vegas. I painted this over OPI Fly whilst in the queue to see the lions at The Mirage. People must ahve thought I was nuts!

OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me

This is from the Germany collection, which I think may have been OPI's best collection of the year. I hated this when I first saw it but it is unique and it grew on me. I will certainly wear it again. I also wore it to the Paralympic opening ceremony. Nice memories.

Kiko Peacock Green 401

I haven't used this polish on it's own yet but I have done several mani's with it. Really it's blue and not green but I have really enjoyed it. Nice application and the holo's from the Kiko Lavish Oriental collection are all worth a purchase.

Hits Mari Moon Unconventional

This was one of my early posts and I think it may have been the first multichrome polish I wore. I don't need to say much - look at the depth of this swatch. I just wish the bottle wasn't so small. I do remember I wore this the weekend I moved house and I caught my middle nail on a box under the bed, the corner tore off down the the top of my finger. A casulty of moving.

Zoya Aurora

This one I am still wearing as I am typing this. Stunning.

Number 1 Favourite mainstream polish of the year...... drum roll please......

Deborah Lippman Mermaids Dream

I know I didn't number these posts but this was my absolute favourite of the bunch. It is shimmery and pretty and gorgeous. Just look at it. The other great thing about this polish for me is that it was a truly unexpected gift from a dear friend, her husband chose it for me.

Anyway, I am off to start getting ready for the New Year. We're going to a 1950's rock and roll party and I've got a fab cherry printed dress. I'll show you tomorrow!

Have a very Happy New Year and be safe whatever you are doing tonight.


  1. gorgeous- gah, you've reminded me I STILL haven't worn Unconvetional - must get on that !!! xx


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