Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calender - Day 1

Happy 1st December!! Let the festivities begin........

Every girl needs an advent calendar right? Well how about a nail polish one? Yes, I'm sure you've seen it, Ciate's Mini Mani month. It has 21 5ml polishes, 4 10g caviar beads and a little funnel.

I have to say it's much more sturdy than I thought it would be and really rather impressive. I got mine from QVC but they are out of stock now and sold out everywhere so your only bet is eBay, I did have a look today and they are selling for about £65 which I think is sadly rather a lot.

Anyway, I'm hoping to update you daily on the polish I get. I hope they are all as good as the first one, it'll be a very cute collection!

The calendar even came in a nice plastic covered box:
Here it is inside, I'm sad there isn't one for Christmas day though:

Look!!!!!! It even has a little saying one the inside of the door, although personally I'd have prefered a manicure tip.

It has an instruction booklet for the caviar mani too:

Here was day one. It is called Cupcake Queen, it's a bright pink woth a blue shimmer!!
So far I'm a happy girl, I'll let you know what tomorrow brings....... x

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