Monday, 31 December 2012

December Haul Post Alert!

It's a good one, or a very very bad one, depending on which camp you are in!

Now, I just want to say that I didn't actually purchase all of this in December, so of this took a little while to arrange, but nonetheless it did all arrive this month. The postman also just knocked on my door with an exciting package from Harlow and Co, but if I don't open it tomorrow it doesn't count towards this month does it??!!

Why oh why do I only have 10 fingernails?????

One thing you will see from looking at my haul posts is that I have certain brands that I keep buying from, almost monthly. I still want to support these brands but I have also been looking at Etsy a bit more, the problem with being in the UK is the shipping. Most Etsy stores start shipping at $7-10 for the first bottle, so of course I have to buy more to make it worth the cost. Next month will be the result of a few Etsy sprees, I don't want to miss out you see. I guess with shipping going up it'll only get worse in that respect for us international ladies.

Oh one more thing, I changed my name after I got married and Paypal took off my bank accounts till I could change my name. That was in October and I only just got everything changed and up to date with Paypal last week. So this just goes to show how resourceful I can be, even when I don't have access to my Paypal account. Maybe I should apply that elsewhere......

OK, so firstly we start with Candeo. One of my favourites. This is an example of the shipping rule, although I was very restrained here. I have wanted Dolce forever, well ever since I saw it on Christina's Let The Have Polish here back in April. However Melinda ran into problems with the glitters or something so stopped making it. When I saw she was restocking it I had to jump. The thing about this polish game, and something that probably keeps many of us hooked is that if you don't get it when you see it you may never be able to get it. Anyway, lemming aquired!

Now, typically I don't like magnets. I have super curvy nails and they don't work well but when OPI release something typically they do it properly and as these haven't even made an appearance in stores in the UK I just had to have them.

I've actually used this one and the magnet was great!

Everyone needs these!

I found an awesome blog called Coewless Nail Polish Blog which you can find here, I just became amazed at this lady's work, you should check it out. Well she made me need some Isadora's so my lovely Swedish polish friend was only too happy to oblige.

A timeless addition to my polish collection - one I never thought I'd own. China Glaze OMG

Got these from my amazing real life friend who isn't even into polish!

I had to order some topcoat and Maria was doing free international shipping, so it really would have been silly not to! I have wanted My Kinda Cool Aid forever!

I got these as a gift from a dear polish sister

Hare Polish, another weakness. I think I might use Holiday Hoopla for a Valentines mani.

Well everyone wanted this Dollish with the snow flakes didn't they. Now we just have to figure out how to get them out! Oh and Lacquistry Linda Lou. My mum's name was Linda and if it weren't for breast cancer she would be with me now, so another must. I'm saving this as her birthday mani 2013.

An awesome Secret Santa! I've worn both already

Ok, Ok, now on to the Lynn's. Firstly in my defence I bought these in September when they first came out. They just took a while to get to me!

And these..... well, I knew I needed the whole new collection so I went though all my unused skin care (yes, that's another collection) and took out a whole bunch of stuff to ebay. That actually paid for the whole lot, so technically it was free wasn't it!

Yes, these are LE's and YES they are beautiful! I am so very very lucky!

When you see Illamasquas on sale you gotta grab them right? Oh and the RBL Aqua Lily, I almost bought it from the RBL site but I faffed around over the shipping cost and it sold out. So, I ended up buying it from a lovely lady who had buyers remorse over backups. Yes I probably paid the same or more that I would have directly but it is worth it. I don't have to worry about mising out now.

Peacock Feathers!!! Do I need say more? This one has a great story which I will tell when I wear it and do the post. Pshiiit was an awesome extra from my fabulous swap buddy.

More Australian awesomeness!

My pre-order from Jindie Nails and a great extra too. Jen is lovely but I might have to wait till spring to wear this one.

A gift from my Avon lady - even she knows I'm in to nails. Oh and Sugar Skulls - it's fun what can I say?

These are probably the only ones I do feel a bit guilty for. They were supposed to be stocking fillers for my stepdaughters (they had a yummy lipgloss too). But I figured they probably wouldn't know the difference between Butter London or Barry M so........ these stayed with me. The lipgloss tastes of Vanilla Cupcakes too!

Lastly, another awesome Secret Santa. You won't see me post many Zoyas becuase we can't get them easily in the UK so this was extra thoughtful. I'm off to the US in Feb/March so I think I better place an order to pick up when I get there.

Well that's it. I think I better go make some room for these babies!


  1. You did well both with getting name changed and purchases! Paypal were a pain in the arse when I wanted to change my name, needing passport AND marriage cert but I really only needed to change it to add hubby's card on my account!

    1. Urgh, it was a huge pain in the butt. I had to submit my new drivers licence and my marriage certificate, then they said the licence was too dark. Then it was something else..... I love Paypal but sometimes.....

  2. OMG, I would like to live in you nail polish room :) That's fantastic haul! These Color Club holos are the best :)

    1. I'd love to live in that room too! It's got the Christmas decorations in it now and it's a mess. I need to get my table for my lights set up, at the moment they are on boxes! Thanks so much, I tried stamping with the CC holo's and it came out pretty good for a half hearted attempt. I can't wait to wear them!


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