Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Stash Haul Alert!

So with the wedding and honeymoon and getting back to normal I fell behind with posting my monthy haul so.... here's September, October and November all in one go. I know, I know, it's almost December, I'm getting back in the swing of things.  I've been busy writing cards, getting presents organised, and I've been having fun catching up with the polish community. I alraedy have some absolutely awesome stuff for the December haul, which I do promise to show you before next year. Lol!

Anyway, prepare to drool!!

These are my very first Illamasquas - and they were on sale!!

I have developed a complete obsession with Hare polish. There are lots I still need.....

Some Crows of course!

I haven't tried either of these yet but when I do I will be using the PVA glue technique. 
This is the starlight collection from QVC, I don't know if it was exclusive to them or not but I needed it for that blue - 3rd polish in. This will be a great spring set - see, already thinking ahead! 
I think hands down KBShimmer was the best Christmas collection out there and THANK YOU HARLOW & CO for free shipping over $50 - you can take my money any day!

Also, my love of OPI. I am compelled to purchase most or all of any OPI collection whether I like it or not. I don't know why! The Bond collection was well worth it however and there were only 2 I didn't get.

The Catrice was a gift from my awesome friend Tracy. It has the fattest brush EVER!

Some polish from my awesome Swedish friend and my first but not last IsaDora:

This has got to be my most awesome pic. These were gifted to me by my very sweet Singaporean/Aussie friend Nicole. They are one of a kinds created for my wedding. Aren't they STUNNING?????

A couple of weding themed OPI's and my first Avon polish which I think will be great for stamping

A holo swap! Yes, that is DS Glamour.....

Part of my LLarowe Scratch and Dent Mystery bag, I also got a stamping plate:

This Dote polish as the same name as my Mum. The others were swaps.

Here comes the bling! And my first and so far only Elevation Polish. I think I need more!

I love these but fall was very short this year so they may have to wait a little while to be worn:

My awesome friend Ashley gifted me these as a wedding gift. I absolutely LOVED them all and have worn 3 of them already!

My first Daring Diva - bought in the $5 sale. Bargain!

Some more swaps:

You didn't really think we'd end without some Enchanted did you?

A gorgeous gift for my wedding from my friend Zoe (Denim was bought by me for someone else and somehow it ended up in here...... and in my Alex.........:

Randoms from Barry M, you just can't go wrong with a bit of Barrry (except I couldn't get the wed effects to work!):

Love my Girly Bits and their creator. I wore Howl At The Moon on my Hen do!

Jelly Shoes really isn't bright orange, my camera freeked out!

And my Lynn's, aren't they BEAUTIFUL! I am tempted to decorate my tree with them!!

And some Dollish. I was lucky to be able to snag these from Dolly's big cartel site. My fingers were flying that day!!

And a lonely Boots holo - I'm not sure it deserves to be in this pic!

WOW - I love these posts and sometimes I need to look back to remind myself of what to wear next. I've already got a box full for Decembers post (which I promise will be up in December!)

So, which is your favourite??


  1. holy wowzers!

    Wow lol!...Can I visit this holiday lol?


  2. omg, i love them all!!! "triple black diamond" looks veeeeeeery interesting! :)

  3. This haul is just... wow, I'm speechless!!!
    What are the names of Nails Inc polishes? They are gorgeous!

  4. Hi Agia,
    The Nails Inc was on QVC and was called the Stardust Collection. The names are: Lavender Close, Fernshaw Road, Paultons Sqaure and Rosemoor Street. They haven't got them anymore but maybe Nails Inc will release them again....


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