Thursday, 20 December 2012

Darling Diva A Christmas Story

Do you ever buy a polish becuase it just looks amazing and you are certain that you will love it but you just can't get it to work quite right? Well, that's the case with this one and I just feel I didn't do it justice.

Darling Diva A Christmas story is a ton of red and green micro glitters and some holographic glitters thrown in too. I used 3 coats on it's own for these swatches and I'd say it was quite topcoat hungry. I think I used 2 coats of topcoat and maybe even a third a day later.

Overall I do like this polish enough to keep it but as I live in the UK and we basically never see the sun I'm not sure it was the best choice. It looked very dull and overall a brown colour when I was out and about in the day but under halogen lights it came to life and was very sparkly. Maybe I needed the sun??

I think when I wear it next I will layer it over another colour, probably a red or green.

These pictures were taken in my new light box and this is more accurate of how the polish looked most of the time:

Now you can see the sparkles, they make this polish come alive

This was taken outside of the lightbox - again, quite representative of how it looked in the daytime, I think the overall effect is quite brown, pretty when you actually look at it but the overall effect is not very noticable, I only got a compliment from my husband on this one.

Again, you can see the sparkles, I wish I could have seen them all the time! Why do they show better in blury photo's?


  1. I had the same problem today trying to get good pictures of this polish! They were either really blurry with sparkles or good clear pictures with no sparkle!
    I layered this over red and it didn't look as brown as it does on its own! :)

  2. I have this polish and it is stunning! This is going to be my Christmas manicure!


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