Friday, 28 December 2012

Emily De Molly Take That Garter Off

So today I have a custom which is one of 3 which was kindly gifted to me for my wedding by my awesome friend Nicole. These were my first, and so far only Emily De Molly's, but they certainly won't be my last! The other one I have worn so far is Happily Ever After which you can see here.

So, I thought still being in the spirit of Christmas this would be a festive polish to wear. Take That Garter Off is a mix of red and pink glitters in a dark red jelly base. This mani was perfect when I went to bed but when I woke up I had shrinkage at the cuticle so here I have patched it up, you can still see a little, especially on the middle finger sadly. This was the first time I have had shrinkage with HK Girl topcoat but I'll keep an eye on that. Maybe it doesn't like Jelly's? Maybe I wasn't careful enough with it on this occasion?

So for this mani I used 3 coats of Take That Garter Off and a topcoat of HK Girl.

I adore this polish, it really is squishy and has such a depth to it.

I need more Emily De Molly's in my life for sure.

Thanks so much Nicole. x

It's like a jelly soup!

And look who was watching me when I took the pictures.Why do cats always like to lay on something??

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