Sunday, 30 December 2012

Zoya Aurora

I'm lucky enough to be in several (ahem!) polish groups in Facebook and this year participated in a couple of Secret Santas. I have always been incredibly lucky with all of my swaps and such like and these were no different.

The first Secret Santa was in my birthday group and I used the polishes to do this mani. The second was in a group I have been in since my polish obsession started. I got a ton of stuff, candies, candles, pens, nail wraps lipgloss AND 3 Zoyas. I love that because it is so thougthful, my girl knew I can't easily get Zoyas here so that's what she got me. It really was like getting a stocking to open. I really have found so much kindness and thoughfulness in the polish world, it really astounds me sometimes. In this crazy world a little bit of kindness can be so heartening.

Anyway, back to the polish. This is Zoya Aurora from the Ornate collection. I actually gasped at it's beauty when I opened it and I knew which one I had to wear first.

This is 2 effortless coats. The formula is fantastic and it is simply a beautiful scattered holo. I used a coat of HK Girl topcoat for this mani and it did not affect the holloness one bit.



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